Pastor Paul and Peggy SherrousePastor Sherrouse trusted Jesus Christ as his Saviour in April 1981.  As a young man, after experiencing  the death of two friends, he came under heavy conviction about his own sins and his future.  During this time a friend invited him to church one Sunday evening.  At the invitation he prayed to the Lord for salvation, walked the aisle and has never been the same since.

After conversion his desire was to tell others about this great Salvation.  During his Basic Training in the U.S. Army he surrendered to preach.  After departing from the U.S. Army he attended Pensacola Bible Institute and graduated in 1987.

Since graduation he has served His Savior as a missionary in Europe, pastor in Florida and presently pastoring Faith Baptist Church (since August 2003.)

Pastor Sherrouse and his wife Peggy have been married since 1982. 
The Lord blessed them with five children.

He has found that serving the Lord Jesus Christ is the greatest Joy.  The word of God (KJV1611) is ones greatest possession.

Pastor Paul Sherrouse invites you to Faith Baptist Church.  If you have never been born again and do not know that your sins are forgiven, he invites you to trust Jesus Christ as your Savior (Romans 10:9-13).